🔔Receive Notifications for Profits, Liquidations and High APY

You can set up WOWswap Alerts that tracks your profits, liquidations and high APY for WOWswap lending pools.

🤑Profit alerts can be set up to send you a message when any of your open positions is in 20%, 50% or 100% in profit.

📈Liquidations alerts serve 2 purposes: alert you when your position’s health falls to below 10%, and when your position is liquidated 😭

🚀High APY alerts are unique to WOWswap protocol. If set up, you will get a notification when any of the tokens in our lending pool generate 20%, 50% or 100% APY. This way you never miss the most profitable pool to lend your assets.

How to set up alerts

All alerts can be delivered via 3 methods:

📧Telegram alerts are set up by adding a bot to your Telegram. To set it up you will need to:

  1. Add @wownotify_bot account as friends on Telegram

  2. Enter your name & Inbox ID with a command code. For example, /WOWdegen 159841231

  3. Inbox ID is your unique code which is issued based on a unique wallet address.

🔊Browser alerts can be delivered directly on your browser. Make sure you allow click on Enable button after you activate the alerts on WOWswap.

📨Email alerts will be delivered to a specified email address.

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